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A captive solution that allows you to enhance your employee healthcare benefits while you improve your financial position and performance.

A Medical Stop-Loss Captive Program

The medTRANS captive insurance model is designed for financially stable business owners who want to control their healthcare, engage in proactive risk management, and participate in underwriting profits. By providing a higher level of transparency and control, medTRANS is dedicated to helping employers achieve lower healthcare spend and attain greater control over their insurance costs, which in turn protects their employees.


About Us


We provide innovative solutions that create the opportunity for employers to mitigate risk, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance their bottom line

  • Transparency and risk management

  • Combined buying power among captive participants

  • Underwriting profits and increased cash flow

  • Customized insurance coverage

Phil is on the leading edge and continues to find creative alternative solutions to our everyday problems we face daily in the daily business world.
Keep up the great work Phil.
Mike S.
If you are an ambulance service provider with an interest in innovative ways to insure your company and increase your bottom line, Phil is the man to talk to. He can explain and deploy insurance and tax structures that fit your business like no one else in our industry.
Chris K.
I first met Phil in May 2012. He shared with me tremendous opportunities for cost savings related to rising healthcare costs. Phil has been and continues to be a great asset in understanding the health insurance industry.
Dave T.
business resilience

Take Care of Your Employees and Build Business Resilience

Owning your own insurance company provides employers with a powerful tool to take control of their risk, while gaining financial flexibility and protection. Contact us to find out if your business is a good candidate for an employee benefits captive.