An Employee Benefits Captive

Discover reduced costs, increased control and better healthcare

We are a member-owned and governed medical stop-loss captive insurance company.

Our solution enables employers a low-cost entry point to captive insurance ownership. Each employer owns a single parent captive insurance company that issues a medical stop-loss policy to protect the employer against risks associated with their self-funded health plan. Then, collectively, other medTRANS captives share medical stop-loss risk together. Over time, underwriting profits which accumulate in the employer’s captive, are returned to the employer for their use.

How it Works

  1. Each business forms a cell captive of medTRANS.
  2. medTRANS provides the cell captive with the license to issue a medical stop loss insurance policy, and the cell captive issues to its insured business (the employer).
  3. The insured business pays a premium to the cell captive, which is then remitted to medTRANS on a funds withheld basis.
  4. The cell captive enters into core documents with medTRANS to insure risks associated with the policy issued to its insured business, as well as to insure the risk of the collective captive participants.
protected cell captive




Despite unexpected risk pool volatility, over the past five years, each medTRANS participating captive has realized a positive ROI.

Not all medical stop-loss captives are the same

The medTRANS model is operationally efficient with the potential for premium cost savings.

Innovative Risk Financing Solutions

Members of medTRANS gain transparency and control over their benefit plan design and healthcare spend, with access to best-in-class programs and services tailored to their workforce. Employers also benefit from collaboration with other like-minded employers, resulting in powerful insights and risk management strategies. The captive provides the financial protection and stability needed to capitalize on opportunities and solve real business challenges.

Complete Captive Management Services, LLC

Not everyone is a good candidate for a captive. Get in touch with our captive manager, Complete Captive Management Services, LLC, to find out if your organization is a good fit.